Hi, I'm Robert

People call me Robbo. That's short for Robert. Only saves 1 keystroke however it is repeating 2 of the letters so should be faster. But if you are using the qwerty keyboard layout then typing the "ert" is also fast as they are beside each other. But then again that might feel a bit awkward and therefore not be saving time, which is important because YOLO. So I have come to the conclusion that it is fastest to type Robbo. Now obviously you could type Rob, but that's for pussies. And don't even get me started on Bob.

Also I make things

And I met Gary the Goat, I'm pratically famous.

I pretend to know these things

PHP, Ruby, Python, Javascript, Dart, C/C++, Go

And to have experience with these contraptions

Laravel, AngularJs, Sinatra/Padrino, Middleman, Pelican, XenForo, jQuery