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  • Webscale, how critical is it?


    VERY! Don't underestimate the criticalness of scaling the web!

    If you don't believe me just look at the numbers! MongoDB out performs all the DBs. Then go and node.js, they do all the things at the same time! Go was made by Google... Google knows everything! They obviously know how to make a language that is webscale! It's just as critical as web 2.0. Gota get up to date, my fellow brogrammers.

    Update to webscale today! Never heard of Scala? WTF are you doing reading this? Go google that webscale beauty! There are so many internets you have to know how to scale or your site won't work!

    What cache are you using? Wrong answer! Cache in Redis, it's the bomb. More like bomb defusal, it will stop your site from exploding from lack of webscale.

    Who needs swag when you got webscale.

    Dragons are obviously the pinnacle of evolution, much like webscale is the pinnacle of the web! Web 3.0! No. Web 9001.

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    Oh and welcome to my blog. It scales, believe me it scales.